Solar Panels

Solar panels can be an efficient way to produce clean, renewable and environmentally friendly, FREE energy.  With continued increases in energy prices and concerns about global warming, the use of this form of energy production is on the increase as the technology has become very cost effective, especially over a longer period.

ADY ELECTRICAL Limited can fit and install efficient solar panels to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. 

Our engineers can install an array of photovoltaicarray panels in order to achieve an efficient and free form of energy which can be used for either on or off the grid applications.

There are many advantages to installing clean energy supplies such as solar energy. 

The realisation that old forms of energy production, such as fossils fuels,are damaging the environment, and also extremely volatile energy prices are helping to make this renewable energy source much more attractive and affordable than ever before.

Main Benefits of Solar Power

  • A reduction in the cost of your energy bills
  • Helps to protect against volatile electricity price increases
  • A dramatic decrease in your carbon emissions, helping to save the environment
  • An investment that should increase the value of your property
  • Generate energy where no mains grid power is available

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