Security and Emergency Lighting

ADY ELECTRICAL Limited can install many types of electrical lighting into your arrangement from standard installations and mood lighting, through to intelligent security lights and emergency lighting for domestic, commercial and industrial use. 

Lighting technology has advanced, with dramatically increased capabilities, providing a whole new range of possibilities when considering lighting arrangements at home or in the workplace. 

Lighting Applications

ADY ELECTRICAL Limited can help plan arrangements for your lighting, incorporating different elements of intelligent systems to match your requirements, some of which include:

  • MOTION AND HEAT SENSOR LIGHTING - to provide security when activated by intruders, or to reduce electricity usage by only activating lights when a person enters a room or location – great for energy saving.
  • MOOD LIGHTING - with programmable “scenes” available to dim lights in a different area or areas at the touch of a button.
  • CENTRAL CONTROL PANELS - for controlling lights within a building with 'all on' or 'all off' main switches which can be programmed and partitioned to different sectors of a room or building.
  • EMERGENCY LIGHTING - such as emergency all on, flashing or strobe lights which activate if an alarm is tripped.
  • FIRE REACTIVE EMERGENCY LIGHTING - designed to switch on when smoke/fire alarms are triggered.
  • SECURITY LIGHTING - advanced security systems with intelligent “learning” lights, which can mimic human behaviour when you are away, to convince would be burglars that someone is in providing an important deterrent.

These are just a few of the possible applications for lighting installation.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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