Home EV Charger Installation

Want the convenience of powering up your electric vehicle from home? ADY Electrical can install a range of domestic EV car chargers to keep your car up to charge from the convenience of your home.

ADY Electrical offer complete domestic EV charger installation services to allow you to charge your electric vehicle at home. There are many significant cost and environmental benefits already gained from using an electrical vehicle, and being able to charge your vehicle from home can save you further time and money.

Why Home EV Charger Installation?

Being able to charge your vehicle from home brings significant benefits when owning an electric vehicle. Firstly, and by far the most significant benefit, is the convenience factor. Installing an EV charge point at home allows you to plug in overnight, so you can achieve a full charge without disturbing your use of the vehicle

Electricity supply companies also generally have certain tariffs offering much cheaper energy at specific times, usually late at night. Being able to schedule to charge your vehicle at certain times allows you to take advantage when the electricity is at the lower rates. Indeed, most chargers have many built-in smart features, automating many functions to balance and achieve the most efficient operation.

Practically, you can place your personal home charger wherever you want - all charging units are waterproof and durable, allowing outdoor installation should you require a charge point installed at any convenient location where you park your car or cars at home.

When possible, for further environmental benefits and cost savings, ADY Electrical can also install solar panels (PV) to power your charge point as well as provide power for other household use.

These are all major advantages for domestic electric vehicle owners, saving you hours of time, and with considerable cost benefits. With many new chargers and grant schemes to take advantage of, EV chargers for the home are a sound investment right now.

OLEV Approved EV Charge Point Installers

The government are offering homeowners access the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, offering grants in order to encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles. These grants can save up to £350 on your home installation. As an Office of Zero Emission Vehicles accredited EV charge point installer, we are able to pass on this saving, and we can apply on your behalf when instructed to carry out any home EV charger install.

For further information about our domestic home charger installer services, please get in touch and we will be happy to help and advise.

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